Ruby jewelry

10 Reasons Why Ruby Jewelry Should Be Your Next Purchase

Unique and Distinctive Beauty

One of the main reasons that why every gemstone jewelry lovers should have a specimen of ruby jewelry in his/her collection is because that shimmering and elegant ruby ring, or that gleaming pair of ruby earrings would just glow up the entire collection with its unique and distinctive beauty. Besides, the wearer would also be able to add a touch of unparalleled and timeless elegance to his/her personality and attire on adorning himself/herself with exquisite and stupendous ruby jewelry.

The raging-red hue that ruby possess is exclusive and unique. And if you wish to glorify your jewels and gems, then having ruby in your wardrobe is a must factor.

Wealth and Status Symbol

Ever since the history of mankind, gemstone jewelry have always been looked upon and perceived to be a symbol of wealth and prosperity. However, there are some gemstones in the market that just re-define this symbol as they tend to be utterly precious and highly-valued.

Amongst these jewels, ruby is one of them that is not only considered to be a sign and symbol of statues, but is also an epitome of wealth and luxury. Adorning yourself with ruby jewelry signifies your luxurious lifestyle, and is said to drive affluence and respect for the wearer.

Timeless Appeal and Elegance

Besides its eternal beauty and raging elegance, what tends to be even beneficial for jewelry lovers when buying ruby jewelry is that they get an assurance for reaping the prolonged and sustainable beauty of ruby jewelry.

Since centuries, ruby has been prized for lending a timeless appeal and elegance. It is even considered to be the second most hardest occurring gemstone after diamond. With a hardness level of around 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, ruby can indeed withstand the vertex of time, while letting the wearer to held his head high with pride and honor on having adorned one of the best and the most valuable gems in the world. Ruby jewelry is timeless and makes wonderful heirlooms that may be passed down through the years.


The raging red color of ruby jewelry makes it one of the most desirable choice for a versatile gemstone jewelry. It can be complimented with different gems having multiple colors, luster as well as luster. Besides, its raging beauty will surge the glamour of all attires, whether it’s a traditional outfit for a festive evening or a formal dress for a corporate event.

Ruby jewelry is a flexible accessory for numerous situations because it looks good with both casual and formal outfits. It can be used in watches, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and even bracelets.

Hardness and Durability

Do you know that ruby and sapphire (together known as corundum), are the second-most hardest group of mineraloids that stands only next to diamonds with a hardness level of 10/10.

Due to its extreme hardness and toughness (9/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness), ruby jewelry is adorned globally by jewelry lovers as an everyday gemstone jewelry. All credits to its hardness and toughness which shield it from getting chipped off from edges owing every wear and tear. Also, due to its strong and intact crystal, it can also be exposed to ultrasound treatment to restore its lost beauty and shimmer.

Symbolism and Meaning

Since ancient times, rubies have been linked to adoration, ardour, and vigour. They are frequently viewed as a representation of strength, bravery, and fortune. Ruby jewelry can be a thoughtful present for a loved one or used as a personal reminder of these qualities.

A Symbolic of Peace and Positivity

Not only would ruby lend a charming and attractive personality with its elegance and red-raging flamboyance, but also it will brimm your inner soul and aura with a lasting positivity and peacefulness which will let you free yourself from the shackles of negativity and chaos in the brain.

Also, this divine positive energy emanating out of ruby jewelry acts as a shield for the wearer against the negativity lingering in the surrounding. Moreover, by infusing positivity within, ruby lets the wearer fuel the aura around himself with a happy and positive vibe, thereby making others around himself too smiling.

Emotional Healing and Intelligence

Adorning yourself with exquisite and shimmer ruby jewelry could play quite a potent role in enhancing the Emotional well-being of a person so that he/she can overcome any threatening past trauma related to heartbreak, anxiety, depression or loss of a loved one.

Moreover, it also enhances the emotional intelligence of a person’s mind which activates the logical side of his mind that optimally channels his/her intelligence and decision-making based on logical reasoning. It is thought that ruby has metaphysical qualities that support emotional health. It is linked to fostering enthusiasm, boosting self-assurance, and igniting motivation.

Vitality and Energy

Ruby jewelry is said to increase value and vigor. It is thought to open the base chakra, which is in charge of stabilizing and grounding.

Investment Opportunity

Over time, the value of fine rubies has steadily increased. Because ruby jewelry has both aesthetic appeal and the possibility of value growth, investing in it can be a wise financial move.

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