How Do I put my Flight Ticket on Hold?

Can I put my flight ticket on hold?

Yes, you can choose to put on hold your flight ticket for a few hours or days. Holding the ticket will allow you to secure the deal for a limited period.

How can I hold a flight reservation without paying?

You can hold a reservation without paying by following the below process:

  • Select the flight ticket you want to hold,
  • Add all the required passenger details on the page,
  • Then hop to the payment page,
  • Tap on the “Hold My Reservation” option,
  • Select the period for holding the reservation,
  • Then your flight ticket will be put on hold.

How Much Does it Cost to Hold a Plane?

If you choose to hold a plane reservation for 48 to 72 hours, it is generally free of cost on many airlines. But to hold a reservation for a more extended period, you will have to pay 10% of the fare.

What does it mean to put a flight ticket on hold?

Flight ticket hold means securing the reservation on the available fare amount for a limited period. So that you can take time and make the bookings, and the fare will not fluctuate later.

How long can I Hold a Flight Reservation?

On average, a person can hold their flight reservation for up to 14 days. But it solely depends on the airline’s policy of how long they allow the passengers to hold the reservation.

Bottom line

So if you are thinking about it, can I put my flight ticket on hold? Above, the info has been given on how to hold a ticket and how much it will cost.

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