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Transform Your District with the District Development Council

The District Development Council (DDC) is a brand new level of local self-government, which was introduced within the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir in the year 2020. It was established as part of the efforts by the government to decentralize power, and also promote local democracy in the region.

The DDC ( DDC full form) is a representative body that is comprised of members elected from every district. Members are elected through an electoral process that takes place every five years. The DDC has the authority to approve, plan, and implement development plans and schemes within the district.

The functions of the DDC comprise:

  1. Plans for economic development and social justice in the district
  2. Implementation of the development programs and plans
  3. Assessment and tracking of activities for development in the district
  4. Collaboration with local bodies in order to ensure the effective implementation of development programs
  5. Mobilization of resources for development activities
  6. Transparency and accountability are promoted in local governance

The creation of the DDC is seen as a significant step in empowering local communities and encouraging the development of all communities within Jammu and Kashmir.

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