5 Deadly Myths of Mobile App Development

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The development of practical and interactive mobile applications is a challenging task. Still, many people believe the mobile app development job is relatively easy, but some believe it is the opposite. In the modern day, mobile applications are the norm and necessity for all businesses and enterprises to achieve the success they aim to achieve. Mobile applications must be interactive and initiative, catering to the target audience’s requirements while leveraging the latest development technology.

However, with the increasing dependence on mobile apps and the rise of growing trends, entrepreneurs fall prey to common myths of mobile application development. The app development process will hold the utmost significance in business, and the mobile app development myths should be debunked.

Here in this blog, we discuss some mobile app development myths so you know the facts and can make wise choices.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Myths

Here, we elaborate on some popular myths about app development before diving into the development stage. Avoiding these myths will enable you to communicate better with a mobile app development company.

1. Best Application Only Needs Coding


It is one of the leading myths entrepreneurs usually have regarding mobile app development. People think that development means only writing codes, but it is beyond that. Coding is an essential requirement for building iOS and Android apps, but various other elements include user experience, graphics, high efficiency, and developers’ professional experience. Moreover, the developers should know the latest mobile app marketing trends, hardware advancements, and update tactics.

For building a perfect mobile application, there is a requirement for different kinds of toolkits, data sources, and backend systems as each single case is different.

2. App Store Optimization Solve All Problems

App Store Optimization.jpg

Once the app development is completed, the application is set to be listed in app stores. To get a better position, the developers must work on it constantly. Getting good feedback, reviews, and mouth marketing will enrich data that helps you get better grades. Technically, it will rank the app as a top priority. However, to place at the top of the list, the app developer should listen to public demands and update it accordingly. It enables them to get a better position in the Play Store.

Instead, there is much more than app store optimisation. Showing the app to the target audience and how the description relates to the app below also plays equally for a better position.

3. The Mobile Phone Application Development Process is Long


It is a common myth that application development will take years to finish. But the truth is that the custom mobile app development process is simple if you have the appropriate team, objectives, requirements, etc. It helps to simplify the app development process and enables you to build high-quality apps in a fraction of the time. Using an app builder, you will benefit from pre-built templates and user-friendly interfaces. It will enable you to quickly build a functional and visually appealing app without starting from scratch. It will exceptionally reduce the time required for app development and allow you to get your app to market quickly.

Additionally, app builders offer built-in features and integrations like push notifications, in-app analytics, and social media integration. These elements will enable you to create an engaging and practical app. And you won’t be required to spend the time and resources building these features from scratch. It will drastically reduce the time needed for app development, enabling you to market your app faster.

4. Building an App is Expensive


This is another common myth of mobile application development. If businesses still use traditional methods for developing applications from scratch, it is costly and time-consuming – especially if they don’t have the right tools, resources, and skills. But this myth from long ago has been debunked with the invention of app builder CMS platforms. With this, app creation becomes more affordable.

App builder portals will provide a variety of pre-built templates and modules that you can use to speed up the app development process while saving money. Business owners can build professional quality apps without breaking the bank by leveraging the advantages of app builder portals.

5. Building Everything from Scratch Saves Money

Scratch Saves Money.jpg

Another belief is that building all aspects of the app from the beginning will save you money in the long run. So, in some situations, it will make sense to develop the app from scratch, and in cases where it doesn’t. For instance, if a desired feature can be challenging to create or requires development quickly and the solution is already available, then it is best to purchase instead of build. If an open-source library exists that perfectly suits your requirements, it may be redundant to create it from scratch. However, if a pre-made library or solution doesn’t fulfill your requirements or can’t improved upon, it might be better to develop the elements from scratch. Before taking this decision, determine the team skillset, feature requirements, and time required for development.


Building a mobile application is a team effort, and this blog aims to clear myths of mobile application development so you can build a revenue-generating and user-friendly app. At AppZoro Technologies, we help you to avoid these myths. Our company is a reliable app development company in Atlanta that provides the best services at affordable cost. We turn your vision into reality by offering cutting-edge and robust solutions across multiple domains and services, from mobile app development to maintenance. So, quickly collaborate with us and drive digitalization into your business.


What are the challenges of mobile app development?

Mobile app development challenges are building top-class applications, discovering compatibility with particular devices and technology, creating new ideas, choosing technology, hiring talent, securing data storage, and the best advertising model.

What are the biggest myths about mobile apps?

One of the biggest myths about mobile apps is that they are expensive to build and only large organisations can afford them; no marketing is required after release, and the app should support OS.

What is the highest level of risk included in app development?

Some leading risks in app development are failing to avoid MVP development, data security breaches, unmanageable user growth, selecting the wrong development partner, and many more.

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