Aruba, the most well-known island in the Dutch Caribbean, is distinguished by its Dutch architecture. Oranjestad, the island’s thriving city, and the abandoned gold mines in Arikok National Park are remnants of the island’s former glory. The island’s east shore is rocky with limestone cliffs, dunes, and breakers, while the west side has platinum-blonde beaches. By booking DTW flights to Aruba, you can take advantage of the city’s numerous attractions and activities, making it a memorable travel destination.


What to Do

The nicest white-sugary stretches of Aruba may be found there, including Palm Beach and Eagle Beach, on the island’s western and southern coasts. Go to Baby Beach if you want a private experience. Visit the Tunnel of Love cave system in Arikok National Park, have a boat lunch, and go wreck diving with parrotfish. East of Oranjestad, explore the enigmatic Ayo and Casibari rock formations.

Shopping in  Aruba

With its pastel-colored structures, hand-painted domino boxes, Delft crockery, and plastic iguanas, Oranjestad exudes a lively vibe. The laid-back market by the harbor and the gems on Main Street are excellent places to shop. Cooling aloe vera may be purchased at the Aruba Aloe Museum & Factory, while the Renaissance Mall features designer retailers open late.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Salsa, reggaeton, meringue, and tumba are just a few of the contagious sounds that are popular on the island of Oranjestad. In clubs like Mambo Jambo and Bon Bini Festival, where residents dress up, there is a vibrant environment that is a highlight. At casinos, Caribbean stud poker is another well-liked game. In the clubs, beachwear is not appropriate.

Dining and Restaurants

The cuisine of Aruba combines luxury and romanticism, with dishes like escabeche, Spanish spices, and local specialties such as sewn green papaya and crispy cornbread. Particularly at Old Fisherman, fresh fish are abundant. Dining at luxurious ancient homes in Oranjestad or seaside restaurants in Palm Beach provides a pleasant and joyful return to your hotel room.

Hotels in Aruba

The hotels and resorts in Aruba provide superb lodging, frequently going above and beyond expectations. Luxury resorts with a casino, fitness center, spa, coffee bar, eating and drinking establishments, beautiful gardens, and gorgeous pools are the result of the island’s competitive accommodation market. It is tough to locate a lemon among the island’s hotels and resorts because even basic lodges provide surprise features. Hotels are encouraged to innovate and keep up with or surpass the competition by the industry’s competitive character.

How then do you choose a place to stay?

A 10-minute drive from the greatest beaches, Oranjestad, a little town, provides a variety of big-town casinos, restaurants, shops, and nightlife. The unassuming beach hamlet of Low-Rise, which is 15 minutes northwest of Oranjestad, has boutique hotels, quiet timeshares, and big resorts. The beach, also known as Bushiri, Druif, Manchebo, and Eagle, is quiet and undeveloped, with few piers, motorized watersports facilities, and food and drink establishments. However, there are restaurants and other conveniences right across the street. For travelers, both locations provide a practical and entertaining experience.

The High-Rise neighborhood, which blends aspects of Miami Beach with San Juan’s Isla Verde, is situated between Eagle Beach and Palm Beach. The star-rated high-rise hotels provide opulent lodging with a wide range of services. Despite the glamour, there are affordable alternatives. The mile-long shore, which has chic bars and seaside eateries, is just as gorgeous as Eagle Beach but smaller. Dive and fishing boats, as well as motorized equipment, are available from piers that extend into the ocean. In contrast, hotels and timeshares farther inland from the Low-Rise and High-Rise zones have lower prices and are closer to the ocean (10–20 minutes’ walk). Book a flight from Detroit to Aruba if you want to learn more about the city.