Bite-Sized Delights and Seltzer Nights: What’s Trending with Millennials in Food & Beverage Retail

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The food and beverage retail landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the preferences and behaviors of younger generations, like Millennials and Gen Z. This shift presents a world of new opportunities for ecommerce retailers navigating the industry.
We’re delving into the latest trends shaping food and beverage retail and exploring a few ways ecommerce retailers can capitalize on them.

Gen Z’s Affinity for Poultry

Gen Z’s tastes have sparked a paradigm shift, challenging conventional norms in food consumption. According to the Wall Street Journal’s recent findings, this generation exhibits a notable preference for poultry over red meat. Youngsters are turning away from classic protein options, like hamburgers and steak, instead opting for chicken sandwiches and tinga burritos.

Millennial’s Thirst for Artisanal Seltzers

Millennials have set the stage for a craft beverage revolution, and the seltzer market is no exception. Studies report that Millennials are now gravitating towards artisanal seltzers and kombucha over the coveted craft beer.
To leverage Millennials’ preference for artisanal seltzers and kombucha over craft beer, food and beverage retailers should consider the following two strategies:
  • Curate Unique Artisanal Beverage Selections: Millennials are drawn to unique and diverse flavor profiles. Retailers should consider curating selections of artisanal seltzers and kombuchas that offer a wide range of flavors, including exotic fruits, botanical infusions, and experimental combinations.
  • Emphasize Health and Wellness Benefits: Millennials tend to prioritize health and wellness, making them more inclined toward beverages that offer perceived health benefits. Promote the nutritional advantages of kombucha and seltzer, such as probiotics, antioxidants, and low sugar content.

Fusion Cuisine as a Culinary Adventure

Fusion cuisine is taking over the food and beverage industry, with young consumers eagerly embracing blended flavors, ingredients, and cultural influences. Millennials and Gen Z’s interest in fusion cuisine presents ecommerce retailers with an incredible chance to showcase diverse culinary experiences.
Collaborating with food manufacturers that specialize in fusion offerings can help Ecommerce personalization cater to adventurous taste buds, offering a curated selection of fusion snacks, meals, and ingredients.

Sustainability is a Core Value

Sustainability has evolved from a mere trend to a core value, particularly among Gen Z and Millennials. eCommerce executives must recognize this shift and align their strategies accordingly. Prioritizing sustainable sourcing, packaging, and distribution resonates strongly with eco-conscious consumers, fostering brand loyalty and attracting a new wave of mindful shoppers.

The Snack Revolution

The traditional three-meals-a-day concept is undergoing a transformation as young consumers opt for grazing and snacking throughout the day. More and more, Millennials and Gen Z are selecting quick, on-the-go snacks rather than long, drawn-out meals.

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