Delhi schools setting standards for Higher Education

Secondary and Senior secondary education defines the career of students. With the launching of the New Education Policy, there have been a lot of changes in schools. All govt and private schools now offer a variety of courses. The process of CBSE admission for class 11 has also become more flexible letting students get the best of opportunities for their careers ahead. The schools are increasing their focus on assessing the pass ratio, hiring the best teachers, and regularly updating their curriculum. They are adopting pragmatic ways of teaching to upskill their students. The top schools in Rohini are practicing application-based pedagogy to improve the grasping ability of students and hence are preparing them for the future. Let us look more closely at how the Indian education system is evolving.

Focus on Experiential Learning

Theoretical knowledge is important, but the application of these concepts helps students to understand them better. It also instills greater interest to learn these concepts that improve the overall experience of the students. When the students have access to best-in-class laboratories, they can also get more creative and improve their perspective toward the subjects. This also broadens the horizon of teaching.

Differentiated focus on Senior Secondary Students

Top Schools in Rohini are preparing the students of class 11 and class 12 to get admission to the best colleges in their respective fields. They ensure that the students get extra attention based on their career preferences and go the distance in ensuring that students are making progress every day. The schools also prepare the students in clearing the college entrance exams by dedicating special classes. 

Bifurcation of Secondary School

NEP has prescribed that secondary schools be divided into 3+4 structures to clearly define the educational focus during different years of age. Delhi schools are quick in adapting this which has enabled them to transform their curriculum and better suit the needs of the students. It also helps to increase the academic rigor for students that choose science, mathematics, and commerce and better guides the students who choose arts, and sports, as their career paths.

Leveraging Technology

Now the blackboards at schools have been replaced by projectors and screens. The integration of smart classes has enhanced the learning experience of students. It helps capture more attention and better explain the concepts. It also assists teachers by helping them in keeping track of students individually to recognize their strengths and weaknesses better. The adoption of technology would further help students take up live projects and get access to better knowledge resources


Robust Admission Process

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