Do most YouTubers Buy Subscribers?

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Contrary to popular belief, YouTube followers are extremely widespread. YouTube creators buy subscribers and views because they desire a quick approach to expand and generate popularity for their channel. With over 51 million YouTube channels, producers face fierce competition to increase interaction rates and get subscribers.


Think about collaborating with a YouTube channel or promoting your company through your channel on this massive network with over 2 billion users. Working with phony subscribers should be avoided at all costs in both scenarios. Unreal subscribers might hurt your YouTube channel and cause it to be blocked.


Additionally, plenty of creative ways can quickly boost your YouTube subscriber count without jeopardizing your reputation.


True methods for growing your YouTube channel’s number of high-quality subscribers.


Let’s get going!

The increase of subscribers.

Launching and growing a YouTube channel requires a lot of effort and time. But many networks skip the process by purchasing phony customers. Illegal subscribers can easily be bought, and several online sites sell members for a price.


Even 100 YouTube subscribers can be attained in two to three months. Of course, many channels can accomplish more than this with more funding and effective YouTube marketing strategies. Again, purchasing these subscribers is the shortest and fastest course of action. 


Some channels purchase subscribers in addition to having a high subscriber count, especially “Wisdom of the Crowd” channels. The wisdom of the crowd is a type of social evidence that shows customers are more likely to follow or buy from brands with a large following. 

The main motives for which YouTube creators purchase subscribers.

Here are a few typical justifications for why YouTube channels buy YouTube views and subscribers.

1. Create videos for YouTube Viral it up.

It’s more complicated to make a video that goes viral. Additionally, there needs to be a precise technique to accomplish this. Typically, viral films are straightforward and successfully appeal to the demands and personalities of your target audience. But once more, it’s more complex than it seems. 


Every YouTuber wants their videos to become popular. And buying viewers and subscribers is a quick way to try to do this. As I previously stated, individuals are likelier to watch a video that has received millions of views. 


By tricking organic users this way, YouTube channels can expose their films to a larger audience. Or at least, this is how many creators see it.

2. Obtain a spot on the Trends List for YouTube videos.

YouTube channels buy subscribers and view to be on the trend list, much like making their videos go viral. Users who see videos on this list are eager to watch them participate. However, given the numerous serious drawbacks of purchasing phony subscribers (I’ll discuss that in a moment), it is not worthwhile trying. 

3. Safe Brand Partnerships.

Businesses like yours want to collaborate with popular YouTube channels with a large following. The whole purpose of using a YouTube channel is to do that. While some legal YouTube channels put in the time and effort to achieve these collaborations, many producers prefer to refrain from doing so.


Unfortunately, many brands fall victim to this scam because they lack the knowledge to spot followers. 

4. Increase Their Profits.

Given all the justifications we looked at for why YouTube channels purchase phony subscribers, this would ultimately result in them receiving more conversions. More money is involved. Users might so begin supporting a YouTube channel without being aware that the channel’s followers and views are phony. 


After engaging them, the YouTube channel can guide these users through their sales funnel and eventually persuade them to purchase their goods or services. 

There are 6 Simple Ways to Check for YouTube Subscribers Manually.


If you’re considering working with a YouTube channel, ensure you get all the data and statistics you need. Additionally, the validity of the followers will be revealed by this data.


Here are the top methods for identifying phony subscribers on a YouTube channel. 

1. Examine the YouTube video comments.

Before contacting the YouTube channel you wish to collaborate with, do this. Check out as many videos as possible, and pay attention to the comments. These are very certainly bot accounts if the comments are random or have no connection to the video.

2. The ratio of views to subscribers.

Examining the views on a few videos is another simple technique to determine whether a YouTube channel has phony subscribers without requesting data. The presence of phony subscribers is frequently evident if the view count is constantly less than 5% of the subscriber count.


You must, however, check this for numerous films, not just one or two. Poor-quality or ineffectively capturing subscribers’ attention content might occasionally result in a low number of views.


However, it’s safe to infer that these subscribers are fraudulent if you discover that less than 5% frequently watch videos.

3. The ratio of recent video views to videos that have been pinned.

The ratio of views on recently published videos to videos that have been pinned is another quick and simple indicator of whether a YouTube channel has phony followers. 


The pinned YouTube videos typically receive many views when YouTube channels purchase bogus subscribers. However, it would be much less in the most recent videos. If you see this on a YouTube channel you’re considering, know right now that those viewers are true! 

4. Compare the number of video views with the number of hours watched.

The importance of watch time hours in assessing a YouTube channel’s success. When thinking about collaborating with a YouTube channel, ask for this information. Indicators of phony subscribers include high video views and very low watch time hours.


Subscribers are more prevalent on YouTube than we’d like to think. Content producers choose to purchase subscribers since it is simpler to increase channel traction, appear established for brand collaborations, and ultimately increase income.

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