Everything You Need To Know About Different Coloured Gerberas And Their Meanings!

It is flowers that make the earth seem all the more beautiful. The tiny and velvety petals, the sweet smells of the blooms, and the lush growth of the blossoms are absolutely heavenly. There is a variety of such pretty blooms that come in fascinating shades for the matter. We celebrate different occasions with flowers. It isn’t only about gifting an online flower bouquet to a dear one for special purposes. Flowers can be gifted to anyone and everyone whenever the heart desires. No matter how screwed up the day is, or how dull the mood is, flowers are great mood lifters. 

Gerberas is one type of flower that comes in an array of incredible shades. No matter which color you go in for, it is sure to bring a smile to the face of the recipient. These flowers are admired for their extraordinary beauty and grace to be precise. Gerberas are the fifth in the list of the most popular flowers of the world. These come in distinctive shades like white, red, pink etc. Gerberas are perennial plants that are native to South Africa. The different shades of the flower have different meanings attached to it for the matter. A red gerbera symbolizes something different from that of the white gerbera. It is truly an interesting study to know the different symbols that multi-hued gerberas stand for. Interested to know more? Read on…

  • Orange Gerberas: Orange gerberas are a popular choice among people in the present. Orange is associated with warmth, energy, and enthusiasm to put it precisely. When you gift someone an orange gerbera, it has a special meaning to convey. It means that the person you gift the orange gerbera is like the sunshine of your life. It talks of the beautiful attachment to the person.

  • Purple Gerbera: The purple gerbera is known to symbolize pride and elegance to put it precisely. It is a flower shade that is known to stand for feminine beauty for the matter. It can make for a great gift for the ladies. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is or the purpose, it stands as the best pick for her when it comes to flowers. A bunch of purple gerberas is truly regal to be precise. 

  • Yellow Gerberas: This is the best shade to celebrate friendship. So, if you are looking to buy flowers online for your friends, then, you can choose fascinating bunch of yellow gerberas. Yellow stands for happiness and friendship. It is the perfect bloom to infuse your friendship with some doze of happiness and cheer. 

  • Pink Gerberas: The pink gerbera stands for gentility and grace. It is commonly chosen to send get well soon greetings to put it precisely. There are two varieties of pink gerberas that are available. The light pink ones stand for sympathy and admiration while the dark pink ones symbolize gratitude. 

  • White Gerberas: White is a color that stands for innocence and purity. The same symbolizes a bunch of white gerberas as well. When you choose to gift white gerberas to someone, it talks of the purity and innocence of the recipient’s heart. 

  • Red Gerberas: Red is known as the color of love and passion. It symbolizes the love and desire of the heart. When you are eager to express love, romance or passion, do so with a bunch of gorgeous red gerberas. It talks of the fact that the person is completely in love with the respective one. 

You can easily send gerbera flowers in a short span by availing the same-day flower delivery Bangalore and other cities. Now you can easily pick the perfect shade of gerberas based on their meanings and express a plethora of emotions. Let different shades of stunning gerberas make everlasting impressions!