Flexible Office Market 2023 Emerging Trends and Market Survey Report Forecast- 2032

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According to Custom Market Insights (CMI), The Global Flexible Office Market Size was valued at USD 54.10 billion in 2021 and is estimated to reach USD 200.14 billion by the end of 2030 at a CAGR of approximately 19.16% during the forecast period 2022-2030. 

A flexible office pattern is quite different from the usually practised work. It enables employees to carry out their functions by remaining within their comfort zone and space and fulfilling their responsibilities, which helps the company record considerable revenue.

 The huge number of industries all over the world that have adopted the flexible office pattern to expand their business without investing a huge amount in purchasing a private office space has helped the flexible office market to record considerable revenue over the period and is expected to grow similarly during the future as well about the rapidly changing way of business and office patterns.

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Market Dynamics


The huge number of startups that have emerged worldwide proved to be the major market for flexible office patterns, which has helped to boost the market tremendously. Corporate firms worldwide have outsourced their functions and services to carry out the necessary jobs without hiring a person who needs to be trained within the office space, which imposes an additional cost on the business. Flexible work patterns have enabled these companies to hire the required professionals and outsource the work. These multiple reasons have emerged as the driving forces for the growth of the flexible office market during the forecast period.


Outsourcing services and functions impose an additional risk of safety over the company and hence emerges as a major restraining factor for the market’s growth. Data security can be compromised without a secured office space, which threatens the company’s growth. Flexible work patterns adopted by various companies have hampered the employees’ work efficiency and output. These multiple reasons have emerged as the restraining factors for the growth of the flexible office market during the forecast period.


The pattern of space allocation proves to be a great opportunity for many multinational companies as it helps to save a huge amount of money and time spent on arranging a proper and conducive workspace for business. The freelance industry is significantly growing, allowing the flexible office market to record considerable revenue as it includes various professionals. They are based in remote areas and function without occupying an actual space within the company. The increasing fashion of renting office space is also helping businesses to save a huge amount of money on private office spaces.


The company’s office culture is hampered tremendously due to the inclusion of other cultures in the market, negatively impacting the entire business. The total cost of operation is quite high, which hampers the profit returns obtained by the company. The safety of the data can be compromised outside the safe environment of a private office space which emerges as a major challenge for the growth of the flexible office market during the forecast period.

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Report Highlights

Based on TypeType, the segment of coworking space has emerged as the largest market due to the rapid adoption of this working pattern by numerous multinational companies to carry out their functions in multiple sectors without actually hiring or purchasing specialized working spaces or stations which will impose an additional cost on the total revenue of the company.

The other segments discussed under this category are private and virtual offices, which are also experiencing steady growth over the period. Based on Application and its feature of it and communications has emerged as the largest market due to the huge number of IT companies that have adopted the flexible work pattern, which has enabled the employees to remain in their comfort zone and carry out numerous functions that will help the business to continue its growth over the period. Finally, based on space providers, the segment of big brands has emerged as the largest market as these industries have adopted the flexible pattern tremendously over the period to carry out their functioning smoothly without incurring an additional cost in purchasing a private office space. This pattern of working was widely adopted during the course of the pandemic.

Regional Snapshots

The region of North America has emerged as the largest market for flexible offices due to the rapid adoption of flexible work patterns by many companies all over the country. The increasing practice of outsourcing the various services required for business has helped companies adopt the flexible office pattern. Multinational companies all over the country outsource the services and functions and deal with only the final product, which is used for business. This helps the company continue functioning by fulfilling the requirements without investing a huge amount in training the employees within their workspace.

Key Players

  • Alley
  •  ShareDesk
  •  Davinci Virtual
  •  Green desk
  • Serendipity Labs
  •  Croissant
  •  Hubble
  •  Instant
  •  The Office Group

Recent Developments

In March 2022, a merger was made between stronger, a worldwide women-focused tech, and We Work India. This deal took place intending to launch Arise, which will emerge as a major opportunity for numerous female entrepreneurs in India by unlocking various fields. The leading position of the association will be held by WeWork Labs, a worldwide acceleration and incubation organization.

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