For National Cake Day, Here Are 10 New Orleans Bakeries

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New Orleans has a wide variety of excellent bakeries for the ideal dessert. The city’s culinary culture is well known for its baked products. Outstanding cakes are available from New Orleans bakeries on November 26, National Cake Day. For those who love history, cake—a treat that probably originated in ancient Greece or Rome—is a must-try. To enjoy the ideal cake, book DTW flights and support your neighborhood businesses by purchasing one of these outstanding bakeries.

For National Cake Day, Ten Local Bakeries

Bittersweet Confections

Born and raised in Louisiana, Cheryl Scripter started Bittersweet Confections to make amazing cakes with regional ingredients. Famous New Orleans thoroughfares like Canal Street and Royal Street are honored in the names of the chocolate truffle collections. Together with various sweet treats for any occasion, the bakery offers wedding cakes, signature cakes, and bespoke cakes.

O’Delice French Bakery

The delicious strawberry shortcake is one of the freshly made sweets available at the charming O’Delice French Bakery. The cakes with fluffy, creamy icing are a popular choice.

Bywater Bakery

For National Cake Day celebrations, Bywater Bakery, located in Bywater, serves distinctive desserts such as chocolate Roberge and chocolate strawberry chantilly. In addition, “dream cakes” are available for people who would rather have anything other than their specialty cakes.

Haydel’s Bakery

A New Orleans institution, Haydel’s Bakery holds the title of “Largest King Cake in the World” and is known for its pastries, petite-fours, wedding cakes, cookie cakes, and king cakes, among other delicacies that may be customized for any kind of celebration.

Laurel Street Bakery

The in-house baked pastries and confections of Laurel Street Bakery are made with premium ingredients. Cakes are custom-made and require a 24-hour notice for large orders. Each cake can be written on to suit specific preferences and serves 12–20 people.

Levee Baking Co.

Located in the historic Levees neighborhood of New Orleans, the French bakery Levee Baking Co. occupies the site of Margaret Haughery’s former French Quarter bakery. The bakery also offers a Thanksgiving seasonal menu in addition to sourcing goods from small businesses and local merchants to support local economies.

Chez Pierre Bakery

Customers can order cakes from the family-run Pierre Bakery in New Orleans online or have them delivered. They specialize in creating a wide range of baked products using wonderful, fresh ingredients, such as cake pops, cake balls, standard cakes, cupcakes, petite fours, muffins, pies, and cookies.

Debbie Does Doberge

Established by Charlotte McGehee, Charles Mary IV, Amanda Toups, and other individuals, Debbie Does Doberge is a bakery specializing in Doberge, a layered cake that originated in New Orleans and was inspired by the Hungarian Dobos torte. Best of all, the bakery showcases amazing cakes in a range of flavors and styles.

Swiss Confectionary

A family-run company in New Orleans called Swiss Confectionary sells a range of modern, traditional, and European wedding cakes, including ones with cutout patterns. They are a great option for special events because they also provide macaroons and petit-fours. Swiss Confectionary has over 90 years of experience and is the industry leader in cakes in New Orleans.

Adrian’s Bakery

With a focus on cake creation, Adrian’s Bakery provides menu items and custom-made baked delicacies. They serve chocolate-covered strawberries, donuts, and petite fours in addition to pastries like donuts and strawberries wrapped in chocolate.

Book cheap flights from DTW to New Orleans and taste the outstanding cakes that are available from New Orleans bakeries on November 26, National Cake Day. For those who love history, cake—a treat that probably originated in ancient Greece or Rome—is a must-try.

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