Hawaiian Airlines’ rescheduling procedures

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hawaiian airlines cancellation policy, as of my last update in September 2021, included several important points to consider. However, it’s essential to verify the most up-to-date information on Hawaiian Airlines’ official website or contact their customer service for any changes that may have occurred since then.


Here’s a general overview of Hawaiian Airlines’ cancellation policy as it stood in 2021:


24-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation: Hawaiian Airlines typically offered a 24-hour window after booking during which passengers could cancel their reservations without incurring any cancellation fees. This allowed travelers to change their minds within the first 24 hours after booking and receive a full refund.


Cancellation Fees: For cancellations made after the initial 24-hour grace period, Hawaiian Airlines generally applied cancellation fees. The specific fee amount depended on various factors, including the fare type, route, and the time remaining until the scheduled departure. Non-refundable fares often came with higher cancellation fees.


Refundable vs. Non-Refundable Fares: Hawaiian Airlines offered both refundable and non-refundable fare options. Refundable fares usually allowed for more flexible cancellations and refunds, often without cancellation fees. In contrast, non-refundable fares typically had more restrictions and came with cancellation fees.


Cancellation Process: Passengers looking to cancel their reservations could initiate the cancellation process through Hawaiian Airlines’ official website or by contacting their customer service. During this process, the airline provided details on any applicable fees and the refund process.


Travel Insurance: Travelers who purchased travel insurance might have additional options for cancellations and refunds, depending on the terms and coverage provided by their insurance policy.


Since airline policies can change over time, it’s crucial to double-check the current cancellation policy and any associated fees directly with Hawaiian Airlines when making or considering a reservation. Always consult their official website or reach out to their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding cancellations and refunds for your specific booking. Additionally, be aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about numerous changes in airline policies, so checking for any pandemic-related updates is essential.

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