How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Cosmetics Boxes

Your brand’s packaging is half the reason people will purchase your products. Therefore, you have to ensure that every detail of your custom cosmetics boxes is up to the standard of your product. Shape, size, font type, and patterns are crucial to creating aesthetic packaging. However, arguably, the most important aspect of packaging is the color scheme you choose to represent your brand. 

Color Psychology With Custom Cosmetics Packaging

When you choose a color scheme for your custom cosmetics packaging, you should know what different colors say about your brand. Here is a guide that outlines the most important colors and how they represent your brand. 


White is the most minimalist option your brand can go for. You can show off your product classy, allowing it to speak for itself. White is a popular choice amongst cosmetics brands as it can be coupled with any color to create an elegant look. 

White also allows for more readability with text and relevant information printed on your custom boxes


Black signifies sophistication and authority for your brand. Like white, you can couple black with almost any color to make it look exquisite. It also adds a sense of luxury to your product. Using metalized fonts on matte black gives a very royal look to your brand. 


Red signifies a lot more than just anger. It adds the feeling of excitement and passion to your product packaging. Consumers will feel more strongly toward your products if you use red. However, do it sparingly, as it can be an abrasive color. 


Blue is a very tranquil color to use for your packaging. It is one of the most comforting colors for consumers and does not disrupt. Furthermore, it also signifies dependability, positively impacting your potential customers. 


Green is the perfect color to represent eco-friendly packaging. It also healthily describes your product. Green significantly impacts consumers as they always relate it to health and environmental awareness. 


Brown is, at times, a difficult color to use and is not necessarily recommended for custom cosmetics boxes. However, with brown packaging, you can signify that the material used is eco-friendly and recyclable. This can also have a significant impact on your potential customers. 


Pink is one of the best colors for custom cosmetics boxes. It signifies beauty and elegance, especially when coupled with white. Pink is a trendy color in the cosmetics industry, with many large brands using it often. 

Brand Identity WIth Custom Cosmetics Boxes

It’s essential to keep your brand identity in mind during your design process. A box design that doesn’t align with your identity will always fail to boost your sales. Don’t consider the design process while only keeping one product in mind. You must think of your brand as a whole so your cosmetics boxes represent your identity well. Let’s take examples from some of the leading brands in the world.

R’n’B and pop idol Rihanna’s brand Fenty Beauty is one of the most successful brands in the world. They achieve their sales through a solid brand identity represented by each product. Fenty Beauty was created as a cosmetics brand that promotes inclusivity for all skin tones. They have maintained this message with each item they release, creating a positive and compelling brand identity through their cosmetics boxes. 

Similarly, L’Oreal always represents its products in an elegant manner through its custom cosmetics packaging. The brand exudes class and elegance, and it’s all because of the way they design their packaging. 

Your cosmetics packaging must represent your brand’s message and identity that aligns with its general vibe. Every brand is different; some will create an aura of class, whereas some will use their brand for a message of positivity. 



This was a guide to help you make the right decisions while designing your custom cosmetics boxes. Although there are more factors, focusing on these will get you on the right track to decide on the perfect color palette. Picking out a color scheme is much more meticulous than it looks. Choosing colors that blend well together and complement your brand takes proper planning.

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