How to Make a Shirt with a Cricut

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When you have set up your Cricut machine after completing the downloading process for Cricut Design Space via, you can go forward and carry out the process of using it. In the procedure below, we will explain the step-by-step process of making a shirt with a Cricut machine after setup via Follow these steps to complete the process:

  1. After downloading and installing Design Space through, you need to open it.
  2. When you have opened the Cricut Design Space, click the Project.
  3. As you select the Project, you will see a blank canvas.
  4. In the blank canvas, you must click on the text button on the left side.
  5. You can choose any font style according to your preference.
  6. You can type any character, whether digit or alphabet, by clicking the “Text.”
  7. If you already have some third-party fonts installed on your computer, you can use them.
  8. After typing letters, you can make the proper spacing between them.
  9. Adjust the letters most appropriately according to your choice.
  10. After making the desired adjustments, you can click the Ungroup option on the top right side.
  11. Move them one by one so that they remain overlapped.
  12. Click the Weld button that appears on the lower right.
  13. Use the double arrow to make the texts smaller or bigger per your choice.
  14. Choose any template by clicking the Template option.
  15. Save the design by clicking the Save button.
  16. Now, you can click the Make It option in the right corner.
  17. With the methods above, you can make a shirt with your Cricut machine after the cricut design space .

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