Information About Kansas City Before Relocating There

Kansas City, despite its association with cows and cornfields, has a rich history of diverse individuals, both past and present. Start planning your trip to Kansas City by booking DTW flights from Detroit to Kansas City and creating unforgettable memories.

1. Except when it’s not actually in Kansas

KC, Missouri, and KC, Kansas are two distinct cities, with KC on the east bank of the Missouri River and KC on the west. Kansas has more suburban attractions, while Missouri has more downtown attractions. Sporting Kansas City is a major-league football team.

2. The Heart of the Midwest

Lebanon, Kansas, the Lower 48’s geographic center, is the Kansas metropolis’s most centrally positioned large city. Surrounded by farmland, it offers fresh meat, fruit, and mostly frozen fish.

3. The Upbringing of Jazz

Jazz originated in New Orleans but gained its unique flavor in Kansas City. The 18th and Vine Jazz and Blues Festival, held annually at the American Jazz Museum, features a photo opportunity with an 18-foot-tall bronze statue of local hero Charlie “Bird” Parker.

4. KC barbecue

Kansas City is known for its great barbecue, with Arthur Bryant’s on Brooklyn Avenue being the best spot to try the distinctive KC style with a molasses-infused sweet tomato sauce. Former presidents Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton have all dined there, and food critic Calvin Trillin praised it as one of the top restaurants in the world.

5. The Country Club Plaza

The Country Club Plaza, the first drive-in shopping center globally, opened in 1923 on land previously used for pig farms. Today, it features Topsy’s popped corn and Bath & Body Works candles, replacing the traditional scents.

6. Kansas City Symphony and Ballet

Well-bred people in Cowtown enjoy the Kansas City Symphony and Ballet, while a fat woman sings until the Lyric Opera stages a hootenannies. The Kansas City Ballet features pink tutus, and the fat woman will be singing at the Kauffman Theatre until then.

7. Leave the area or remain there

Amtrak trains pass through Union Station daily, connecting St. Louis, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The station offers a fun interactive museum called Science City, a theater with an 80 by 53-foot “extreme screen,” shops selling science-related items, a few eateries, and an artisan coffee shop selling French macarons in pastel colors. It’s a great spot for leisurely activities.

8. Lamar’s Donuts

Lamar’s Donuts in Kansas City consistently receives high ratings from doughnut tasters, including police officers, firefighters, and journalists. Despite the temporary closure of the original Linwood Boulevard shop in 2003, there are nine other locations where customers can enjoy the famous “butterfly,” a pecan-topped doughnut and cinnamon roll combination.

9. It’s Higher Than You Might Imagine

Kansas City was ranked #10 on Travel and Leisure’s list of America’s greatest towns for hipsters due to its abundance of farmer’s markets and access to locally produced food. The city also featured a coffee shop with barista nazis who wouldn’t allow cream or sugar in their brews.

10. The Western Gettysburg

The Battle of Westport, the largest Civil War engagement west of the Mississippi, took place in the popular neighborhood of the same name. The events of October 21-23 are now displayed in the Battle of Westport Visitor Centre and Museum, making it the most spectacular event in Kansas City history.

11. The Royals Sort of Play Baseball

The Royals, once a great team, have struggled since their 1985 World Series victory, but their disco era is still in vogue, and tickets are often affordable, making it a good time to visit.

12. The King Is Football

The Chiefs, despite not winning the Super Bowl since 1970, consistently make the playoffs, despite their lack of success. Their fans, dressed in red and white, resemble walking candy canes. Enjoy the city’s diverse attractions and experiences, making it an unforgettable destination with DTW flight bookings to Kansas City.

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