Kansas City’s top dining establishments

With family-run Italian restaurants, upscale cocktails, and a wide variety of international cuisines—from Ethiopian to Mexican—Kansas City is recognized for its excellent barbecue. Additionally, the city is well-known for its pulled pork, delectable fried chicken, and wood-fired pizza. Visitors can savor drinks at a speakeasy or wine bar and old-world favorites with contemporary twists at Kansas City’s top eateries. The city’s BBQ Mecca offers a variety of dining options in addition to its mouthwatering brisket. Enjoy the city’s delicious cuisine experiences, making it an unforgettable destination by booking DTW flights to Kansas City.

1. Joe’s Barbecue in Kansas City

Joe’s is a renowned barbecue joint in Kansas City that is well-known for its mouthwatering brisket, ribs, and other specialties. The Z-Man, a mouthwatering, smokey stack of brisket, smoked provolone and onion rings smushed inside a Kaiser roll, is a must-try for every BBQ aficionado and is served at the unassuming-looking gas station in Leawood.

2. Corvino Supper Club

With shared appetizers such as cornbread and honey butter, steak tartare with béarnaise and white caviar, and wine pairings that could persuade you to buy a few bottles to take home, Corvino Supper Club is a must-try restaurant in Kansas City. It’s ideal for enjoying Kansas City’s culinary culture with companions or on dates.

3. Il Lazzarone

Pizza made in a wood-fired Neapolitan manner at Il Lazzarone, with buttery mozzarella and sweet tomato sauce, is well-known. Although the pizza has a doughy crust and a variety of toppings, including Siciliano and Supremo, the outstanding margarita is the star of the show. The city’s best pizza may be found here.

4. Char Bar

At the Char Bar in Old Westport, you must sample the award-winning sauces made by pitmaster Mitch Benjamin. The restaurant is a great place for a fast stop because it offers a choice of sandwiches and platters. Customers can buy bottles of their renowned sauces to share with friends or save for their use, and the appetizer Charred Bits & Grits is highly recommended.

5. Gram & Dun

A gorgeous restaurant called Gram & Dun serves dishes with a chef-driven approach that are nonetheless approachable, like loaded baked potato gnocchi and steak with a coffee crust. Especially when the weather is beautiful, customers may enjoy the stunning surroundings and the nicest patio seating in town at this ideal location for dinner or breakfast.

6. Lidia’s

The Northern Italian menu is served at Lidia’s, an Italian restaurant in Kansas City housed in a former railroad building with blown-glass chandeliers and hosted by Emmy-winning PBS TV program chef Lidia Bastianich. There are several options available at the restaurant, including limitless servings of the spaghetti trio and grilled bone-in ribeye.

7. Pigwich

In addition to cheesesteaks, cornflake fried chicken, burgers, banh mi, and the renowned Pigwich (pulled pork, provolone cheese, slaw, BBQ sauce), Pigwich provides a short but remarkable menu. There are no incorrect choices, so come hungry and take advantage of the diversity.

8. Rye

Midwestern eatery Rye succeeds in giving patrons a cozy environment in which to enjoy their preferred foods. Snack on burnt ends, sourdough toast, pork rinds, or half an order of their famed fried chicken while sipping on a martini.

9. Q39

Known for its excellent barbecue and chef-driven appetizers, sides, and main courses cooked over a wood fire, Q39 offers a distinctive approach to barbecue. You’ll certainly want more after trying the corn dogs with smoked and charred chicken, pork belly, and sausage.

10. Jax Fish House

Among the seafood options available at Jax Fish House are Mississippi catfish, blue crab pasta, jumbo lump crab cakes, and seafood soup. The Kansas City restaurant is a great option for seafood enthusiasts because it serves calamari, muscles, spaghetti, steaks, and seafood. Start planning your trip to Kansas City by booking Detroit to Kansas flights and creating unforgettable memories.

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