LELO Luna Beads | Uses & Medical Benefits for Rebuilding Pelvic Floor Muscles

The modern world has taught everyone to take care of their health since diseases have become more prevalent. Individuals make sure to invest a suitable amount in their health, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or sexual wellness. Yes, you read that right!! An individual’s sexual well-being is a thing these days. Many respectable internet producers have created LELO Luna beads to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in light of this.


The LELO Luna Beads, like other high-quality sex toys on the market, have been shown to improve women’s sexual health by boosting vaginal sensitivity. Women who have had surgery or recently given birth lose their sexual sensitivity. This is why they prefer to train their pelvic muscles with kegel balls. Before we go any further, it’s important to learn what kegel balls are.

What are LELO Luna beads?

Kegel balls, also called luna beads, are vaginal training weights that are implanted in the vaginal canal. These vaginal insertable weights work to keep the balls in place while strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Although the luna beads were designed to aid in the strengthening and support of the pelvic floor muscles, they have become more popular as a sex toy. This is because of the little stimulation they provide on the anterior vaginal wall. The incredibly sensitive nerve endings on the anterior vaginal walls provide sexual stimulation, allowing the wearer to have delightful moments.

How to use LELO Luna beads?

Inserting the luna beads in your vagina may feel strange at first, but after they’re in, there’s no discomfort while walking or even sitting. The primary concept behind luna beads is to stimulate clenching actions in the pelvic floor to strengthen it. Intense sensations are directly related to stronger muscles down below. Jiggle balls have been found to boost sexual excitement, vaginal lubrication, and other benefits in women before sex. They’re just as effective as high-tech sex toys like the LELO Soraya 2 when it comes to hitting the proper spots, especially while masturbating.

It might even make your lover worry how well they’re doing while listening to your groans during sex!;>

Are there any medical reasons to use LELO Luna beads?

Although using the luna beads can be a lot of fun, they also have a lot of health benefits. Kegel balls, in addition to normal core strengthening, also exercise your pelvic floor muscles, as previously mentioned. They aid in levator muscle and pelvic floor strengthening. The fullness or plumpness of kegel balls stimulates the vaginal muscles, making them more sensitive. A traumatic weakening of the pelvic floor muscles occurs in women who have recently given birth or who have suffered from pelvic trauma. In these circumstances, the LELO Luna beads have proven to be useful in regaining strength lost due to childbearing, aging, fluctuating weight, or accompanying procedures.


If you are convinced enough to purchase LELO Luna beads or other high-end sex toys like the LELO Tor 2, visit the official online store of Jou Jou Luxe to place your order!

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