Madison admits she didn’t know who her fellow goalkeeper was

Tottenham Hotspur’s James Maddison, 27, has revealed that he was the first player to hear of teammate Guglielmo Vicario, 27, who has been in outstanding form this season, and that he watched YouTube highlights to find out who he was.

“James Maddison has revealed he was the first player to hear of teammate Guglielmo Vicario, 27, and learned about him by watching YouTube highlights,” the Daily Mail reported on Friday.

Maddison and Vicario are two of the newest additions to Tottenham’s squad this season. Both were acquired in the summer transfer window and are currently leading the team with some of the best performances of their careers.

Maddison is a key part of Tottenham’s attack and has scored three goals and provided five assists in 12 appearances across all competitions. He is currently out of the squad after picking up an injury against Chelsea last time out, and in his absence, Tottenham has struggled, recording one draw and three losses.

Vicario is Tottenham’s best defender. He’s been in goal for Spurs in every English Premier League (EPL) match this season and has been outstanding, keeping four clean sheets in 14 games.

However, Maddison revealed that he didn’t know about Vicario when he heard he was joining Spurs.

In an interview with Amazon Prime, Maddison said: “When we signed Vicario, I had no idea who he was, I had never heard his name before. I sat 바카라사이트 in the back seat of my car and watched some YouTube highlights to see how good he was. He looked pretty good, and he looked like a great goalkeeper.”

He was full of praise for Vicario. “Vicario is one of the things that has helped me improve my game this season. It’s very difficult to score through him. Sometimes we practice shooting and penalty kicks in training. He is a really hard goalkeeper to break through, so I hope he continues to be in goal for our team.”

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