Moldavite Magic: Channeling Cosmic Energy through Jewelry

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The green hues of moldavite, a gemstone, range from olive green to dark green. It is well known that moldavite has a peculiar formation. It is said that moldavite is “the gemstone born from the stars” or “the only known alien gemstone on Earth.”Because of the collision of meteoroids in the past, moldavite was produced in the crater in the Czech Republic approximately 15 million years ago. Moldavite is associated with change, good fortune, and safety. A naturally occurring stone from the Tektite family with an olive-to-forest green tint, moldavite is extremely uncommon.A few million years ago, meteorites collided with Earth, creating the ideal conditions for its formation. The rare stone moldavite is used by shamans and healers, and it is worn as jewelry. Transparent or translucent green moldavite stone with swirls and bubbles is also possible. Visit us: Moldavite Magic: Channeling Cosmic Energy through Jewelry

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