Plan a Trip for 2 on a budget This Upcoming Holidays

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Going on vacations is one of the many joys you can do during your leisure time. This allows you to explore new places, try new food, meet new people, see different cultures and so much more! But you can’t deny travelling can be quite costly, especially when you lack “pre-vacation” preparation.

Preparing ahead of time before a vacation is ideal. Not only will this help you come up with a substantial and organized itinerary, but it’ll also cost way less compared to “on-the-spot” decision-making.

So if you and your special someone, your friend or your sibling decide to go on a quick getaway, below is a great budget-friendly way to plan a trip for two this upcoming holidays! 

1 – The destination of your trip

To ensure your trip is going to be cost-efficient, make sure the destination fits your budget! So before deciding on a destination, consider doing some research on places that are known for being affordable. 

So go for cities or countries with lower living costs, for example, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia or even South Africa. To help you out, we’ve listed the top 5 most affordable and beautiful places to visit:

  • Thailand – Thailand is renowned for its accessibility, offering cheap lodging, street cuisine, and a multitude of cultural activities.

  • Mexico – If you travel outside of the tourist zones, Mexico provides a diverse cultural experience, stunning beaches, and delectable cuisine at a relatively affordable cost.

  • Vietnam – Vietnam is a great place for travellers on a budget because of its inexpensive street cuisine, inexpensive lodgings, and varied sceneries.

  • Indonesia – Specifically, Bali is known to be a pretty budget-friendly destination that also offers beautiful sights, beaches and affordable accommodations.

  • Hungary – Consider giving Budapest a visit when travelling to Hungary. This beautiful city is pretty affordable from food, accommodations, attractions and so on. 

2 – The duration of your trip

If you’re looking to explore and experience enough of the destination while also staying on budget, we suggest opting for a shorter trip. Depending on the activities you have planned, consider 7 days to be the maximum amount of time.

Most quick getaways last about 3 to 4 days, but if you really want to make the most out of your stay, 7 days is the max to consider. This is because per day you need to consider costs such as food, fare, accommodation, activities, leisure spending and even emergency cash.

3 – Flights you’ll be booking

For booking a flight there are 4 things to consider to ensure a budget-friendly trip. Aeroplane fare is probably one of the most costly expenses when planning a trip, so to minimize your spending a bit more efficiently, consider trying out these 4 penny-pinching techniques:

  • Use flight search engines – A great way to find cheap flights is through the use of flight search engines. This will help you look for flights for your desired date and compare the rates of different airlines. Consider giving Skyscanner, Kayak or even Google Flights a shot.

  • Be flexible with your dates – Consider being flexible with your dates and travel during mid-week or off-season dates. This is because flight prices are much cheaper during weekdays and off-season.

  • Consider affordable airlines – When looking for flights to book, consider sticking to airlines that are considered to be affordable.

  • Book in advance – Another foolproof way to get cheaper flights is by booking them in advance! Doing this will help you secure cheaper flights and even better seats.

4 – Accommodation you’ll be staying in

Another costly expense when travelling has got to be where you’re staying during your trip. So when looking for an accommodation to consider, why not try out common affordable accommodations like Airbnb, hostels, serviced apartments, bed and breakfasts and so on? Compared to staying in costly hotels.

5 – Your mode of transportation

Getting around will also cost you, especially if you always take a taxi. When travelling, consider much cheaper alternatives like public transportation, rent out a bike, or a scooter or even try walking. 

6 – Food you’ll be eating

Another daily essential expense is none other than food! This is what makes your trips all the more enjoyable. Try not to skimp out on this one, but do try out affordable food choices! Not only are you saving a quick buck but also immersing yourself in local delicacies. Try street food, local eateries, locally owned cafes and so on. 

7 – Activities you’ll be doing

There are tons of ways to enjoy a trip without spending so much on activities! Anywhere you visit will always have inexpensive or FREE activities to do such as going to museums, checking out local parks, visiting temples, going on hikes and more.

Take away


Throughout your vacation, keep in mind to be adaptable and receptive to unexpected encounters. You may have a pleasant trip without going over budget if you prepare ahead and make sensible decisions.

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