What is the Weight of 500 NB MS Pipe?

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The world of construction and infrastructure runs on the sturdy backbone of MS pipes. These versatile marvels are essential for carrying fluids, gases, and even structural support. But when it comes to planning and procurement, a crucial question often arises: What is the weight of a 500 NB MS pipe?

Understanding the weight of your chosen MS pipe Dealers is vital for various reasons. It helps determine transportation costs, influences structural calculations, and even impacts project budgets. However, with a multitude of factors at play, calculating the exact weight can be a head-scratcher.

Worry not, for JRS Pipes And Tubes, your trusted MS Pipe Manufacturers In Ghaziabad, are here to demystify the equation!

Decoding the Weight of a 500 NB MS Pipe: A Step-by-Step Guide

Understanding NB and its Significance

NB, or Nominal Bore, is a standard pipe size designation used globally. It roughly represents the internal diameter of the pipe, but not exactly. For a 500 NB MS pipe, the actual internal diameter might be slightly smaller, around 493.7 mm.

Unveiling the Schedule: A Matter of Thickness

Schedule refers to the pipe’s wall thickness relative to its diameter. Different schedules, like Schedule 40 or Schedule 80, dictate varying weight per unit length. Knowing the specific schedule is crucial for accurate weight calculation.

Material Matters: MS Steel and its Density

MS, or Mild Steel, is the most common material for pipes due to its affordability and strength. Its density, approximately 7850 kg/m³, plays a key role in determining the overall weight.

Putting it All Together: The Weight Formula

Now, the magic happens! With the above information, we can use the following formula:

Weight per meter = (π * Outer Diameter * Wall Thickness * Density) / 1000

Note: This formula assumes a circular cross-section. For rectangular or square MS pipes, additional calculations are needed based on their dimensions.

The Grand Reveal: Weight of a 500 NB MS Pipe

Let’s take an example. Consider a 500 NB MS pipe with Schedule 40 and a wall thickness of 8.19 mm. Using the formula and MS steel density, we get:

Weight per meter = (π * 508 mm * 8.19 mm * 7850 kg/m³) / 1000 = 247.85 kg/m

Therefore, a 5 meter length of this 500 NB MS pipe would weigh approximately 1239.25 kg.

Beyond the Numbers: Why Choose

JRS Pipes And Tubes, Leading MS Pipe Dealers In Ghaziabad?

At JRS, we understand that your projects demand more than just accurate weights. You need reliable, high-quality MS pipes that meet stringent standards and deliver lasting performance. That’s why we go beyond the numbers, offering:

  • Unwavering Commitment to Quality: Our MS pipes are manufactured using premium raw materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring adherence to national and international standards.
  • Extensive Inventory and Customization: Whether you need a standard 500 NB MS pipe or a custom-sized solution, we have the inventory and expertise to fulfill your precise requirements.
  • In-depth Technical Expertise: Our team of experienced professionals is always happy to assist you with weight calculations, schedule selection, and any other technical queries you may have.
  • Prompt Deliveries and Competitive Pricing: We understand the importance of timely deliveries and budget constraints. We strive to deliver your MS pipes efficiently and offer competitive prices without compromising on quality.


Your One-Stop Shop for MS Pipes and Peace of Mind

Choosing the right MS pipe goes beyond just knowing its weight. It’s about selecting a partner who understands your needs and delivers excellence. At JRS Pipes And Tubes, we are more than just MS Pipe Manufacturers In Ghaziabad. We are your trusted collaborators, committed to helping you build with confidence and achieve enduring results.


So, the next time you need MS pipes, don’t let weight calculations hold you back. Contact JRS Pipes And Tubes, your gateway to reliable, high-quality MS pipes and expert guidance. Let us help you unravel the mysteries of pipe weights and build your projects with unwavering strength and peace of mind.

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