What Type of Boxes You Need for Custom Candle Boxes

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Designing custom candle boxes is a fun and highly creative work to do for your business. It’s important to make sure that whatever you are making for custom candle packaging; it should be attractive and promote your business.  Candles have been used for centuries for heat and light sources, but now they are used as fashion and enhance the ambiance of the occasion. It became a popular choice among the audience to use it for various settings. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance at your home or want to make a special statement at any event, custom candle boxes wholesale can provide the perfect solution for you. In this article, you can help explore the various type of boxes you can make for candle packaging: 

Tuck In Style Candle Boxes

Tuck-in style boxes are among the most prevalent choices when it comes to custom candle packaging. These boxes consist of two separate pieces of sturdy cardboard that are expertly designed to fit together seamlessly. What sets them apart is a small tab, cleverly incorporated into the box’s design, which can be gently tucked into a designated slot to securely close the box. You can easily tuck this tab into a special slot to make sure the box stays closed tightly.

The beauty of tuck-in style boxes is that they are very simple and easy to assemble. The great thing about tuck-in style candle boxes is that they’re really easy to put together. When you’re putting candles in them, you want a way to keep the candles safe and make the packaging process easy. With tuck-in style boxes, you don’t need any fancy tools or tricky methods to close them up securely. You just slide the tab into its spot, and it keeps the box closed and your candles safe.

Sleeve Style Custom Candle Boxes

Sleeve style is quite similar to tuck in boxes, but it has extra features. These custom packaging boxes have sleeves that wrap around the box and you can seal it with glue or tape to keep the product safe and make the packaging elegant.  What makes the difference in sleeve boxes apart is its durability and appearance. They are built with sturdy material that make your candle well-protected during transportation. The sleeve not only adds an extra layer of protection but also gives the packaging a more refined and finished look.

This makes sleeve style boxes your top choice when you are selling candle packaging boxes in bulk, especially if you’re selling high-end candles. They not only give the best protection but also enhance the overall presentation of your candles but also make them more appealing to potential customers.

Display Custom Candle Boxes

If you are trying to promote your business and item then display boxes are the best option to go with. These display boxes are made of two cardboard pieces and fit together snugly with a clear plastic window on the top. If you go for display play boxes, they can help protect your item and make your business shine on the store shelves and home. So, it can help promote your brand and allow customers to choose your product over the competitor when you present your candle item in display boxes with complete safety. 


Nevertheless, custom-printed candle boxes are really important for your candle business to do well. These strong boxes don’t just keep your candles safe when they’re shipped or stored. They also help people recognise your brand, promote it, and boost your sales.


When you are picking candle boxes you should think about what they are made of, how they look, and the kind of candles you sell. Also, think about who you are trying to sell to and how you are selling your candles. Making the boxes special with custom printing, eye-catching pictures, your brand message, cool shapes or designs, and nice packaging can make more people notice your brand. So why wait? Choose the above type of boxes and make your business shine among the rest.

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